Welcome to the home of Raynes Park Former Pupils' Society (RPFPS).

A Society for pupils who have attended Raynes Park High School both past and present. RPFPS is an independent society with a strong affiliation with the School. It was originally founded in the 1950s by a small group of ex-pupils keen to play rugby, cricket and hockey. Since then the Society has continued to enhance and enrich the traditions of the School. The Society maintains links with the School by sponsoring trophies and awards for outstanding sports boys/girls and has supported many school projects over the years. The latest was a donation of £40,000 towards the new sports ground at Westway Close.

In recent years the number of new members to the Society has dwindled as the original sports sections have become less connected to the School and the Society. The remaining active sporting connection is now the golf section but the annual dinner continues to provide a chance for ex-pupils to catch up with friends old and new. There is a one-off payment for lifetime membership, currently costing less than a round of drinks at £20 for a former pupil. Why not join the Society and become part of the School’s rich history? The Society wouldn’t be anywhere without its former pupils and without new members joining, the Society will inevitably decline. So please take 5 minutes to have a look at the website and see what benefits the Society has to offer and do your part to keep the long standing traditions of the Society alive by becoming a member today.

To apply for membership, CLICK HERE to download the application form.